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Some upcoming trips we are planning include:

For more information on these trips, either click on the links or contact us.

Ama Dablam

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Kilimanjaro / Kenya

The expedition we are planning to in June/July 2001 visits Mount Kenya as well as Africa's highest - Mount Kilimanjaro. We will also take in two game parks, for a brief taste of Safari. Out trip is planned to launch into the Kilimanjaro climb first; relax with animal watching second, then circle Mount Kenya last. For the mountaineers, optional climbs of Batian and Nelion - Mount Kenya's two peaks - will be available. If conditions permit, we are also considering a further, optional extension to visit the Ruwenzori - the fabled "Mountains of the Moon" - in western Uganda too.

Cost: US$2000 (as of September 1999)

Mount Kilimanjaro


Height: 5895 meters (19340 feet)

Difficulty: High and cold walking.

Length of Trip: trek 7 days, climb 2 days


Mount Kenya

Location: Kenya

Height: 5199 meters (17058 feet)

Difficulty: Trekkers - high cool walking; Climbers - NZ rock grade 16 (US 5.6)

Length of Trip: trek - 7 days; climb - 2 days

Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya

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