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The expeditions we have carried out in South America include:

Mount Aconcagua
Mount Aconcagua

Mount Aconcagua

Mt Aconcagua
Mount Aconcagua south face extreme right,
west face left and NW ridge is left skyline.

Location: Argentina

Height: 6990 meters (23,000 feet) Highest peak in the Western Hemisphere

Difficulty: Standard route - NZ alpine grade 2 but expedition conditions apply. High, cold and remote.

Length of Trip: Allow 17 - 21 day on the mountain (28 days round trip from home)

Cost: US$3000 (as of February 1997)

Aconcagua is of volcanic origin and has fantastic, almost lunar, scenery. Late January / early February is HCE's preferred time to tackle the mountain. This is before the winter comes, so there is the least amount of snow.

We spend several days acclimatising, so that every body can enjoy the climb. Many companies offer 14 day trips, but this kind of trip requires massive group fitness, the willingness to continue unacclimatised and only a single shot at the summit. In our experiance, many short term climbers hate the place, whilst our clients have the time to summit and enjoy their expedition.

A long (38km), 2 to 3 day walk is followed by 10 to 12 days of pushing up to camps 1, 2 and 3. Rest days and summit attempts take out the rest of the time plus, of course, the return trip.

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Mount Chimborazo

Location: Ecuador

Height: 6310 meters (18,242 feet)

Difficulty: NZ alpine Grade 3 (of 6)

Length of Trip: see description.

Cost: US$4000 (as of December 1996)

2 to 3 days trekking in Ecuador precedes active period, the ascent of Mt Chimborazo.

This is followed by climbing Mt Cotopaxi (6310 meters / 17, 048 feet - NZ alpine grade 3) and an acitve volcano, Mt Tungarahau (4986 meters / 14,414 feet) over a 10 day peroid. Following this is the option of a 7 day Galapagos visit. This part of the trip is yacht based, and visits San Cristobal, Espanola, Isabella and Santa Cruz Islands.

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